Week 17 Winners - Billy, Karen, Kremer, Laura, & Sam!

Well looky here...Kremer finally gets to squeeze onto the podium with some (real?) winners. I guess he finally copied off the right paper. But this final week had some other drama. At the last moment Tim kicked it back into high gear to catch Matt for a tie for the overall win. Is it a come from behind tie, or is it Tim diving across the line and to say, "Hey! I didn't completely blow that huge lead at least!" There was no first loser (aka second place), just Laura alone in third. It was an exciting end that saw an Anderson podium sweep, but Sam's all-time record of 179 picks will still hold.

And on the flip side, Danny has just been moonwalking in front of Gayle as she trips and tumbles (see chart), but still falls down to keep The Cellar. Danny's poor performance has only been shadowed by Gayle trying to make her son not look so bad in comparison. Gayle did come in 4 picks ahead of Billy's all-time worst 139 pick 2009-10 season.

However, all her practice picking shitty teams has won Gayle the Underdog Upset! Emily and Laura came in second and third, respectively, and each only picked incorrectly once. But that's no match for a hail mary offense when it connects! Just keep chuckin it deep until someone comes down with it.

What a fun year! What new fun will come next?

Week 17

I'm making this quick, so let's look at picks! Unanimous: Patriots, Texans, Packers, Chiefs, Vikings, Rams, & Seahawks. Solo: Sam with Carolina, Megan with Washington, & Danny with Cincinnati. Duplicate: Billy (45) = Karen (38) = Kremer (42) = Laura (45) & Emily (35) = Tim (55). Skol Vikings!

Week 16 Winners - Karen & Matt!

Karen and Matt only missed three games this week on the way to victory! Matt now has a two pick lead over Tim, who is ahead of Laura by 3. Karen is two back from Laura. What will happen this final week? Will Matt finish strong and secure the comeback win? Will it be an Anderson sweep of the podium? One thing I think we can bank on is that Gayle isn't going to make up 6 picks on Danny and will probably remain in The Cellar. At least she's leading Underdog Upset!

Congrats, Karen and Matt! Just one week to go!

Week 16

Welcome to the penultimate week of NFL w/ g season 13! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Tennesse (woo!), Baltimore (d'oh!), Clevelend (what?), Dallas, Minnesota, Indianapolis, and Los Angeles Rams. Solo: Gayle with Buffalo, Buck with Jacksonville, Megan with San Francisco, and Sam with Oakland. Duplicate: Karen (45) = Matt (32) and Laura (48) = Tim (50). Saturday repercussions: none! Well, Owen just took a big shit, so I gotta cut this short. Skol Vikings!

Week 15 Winner - Danny!

Danny wins for his first time this year! Now it's just Kremer who hasn't had a taste of glory yet this year...just two weeks to go...

Oh, and what's this? We have a new leader! Matt has overtaken Tim and now has the outright lead by one pick! Laura is three back from Tim. What an exciting finish to the year! It seems Gayle's strategy of terrible picks that has been keeping her in The Cellar is quite the asset for Underdog Upset. She has a healthy lead over Emily and Buck. I think this game is kinda fun! How about you guys?

Congrats, D!

Week 15

Picks are in, so let's look at them! Unanimous: Texans (woo!), Vikings (Skol!), Seahawks, and Rams. Solo: Tim with the Chargers (bastard!), Matt with the Buccaneers, and Karen with the Cardinals. Duplicate: Emily (35) = Laura (48). Thursday/Saturday repercusssions: Gayle & Kremer can at best tie Danny. I'm off to the game to spread some Skol. Skol Vikings!

Week 14 Winners - Gwen, Karen, Laura, Megan, & Sam!

It was a rough week as just 9/16 got the job done for Gwen, Karen, Laura, Megan, and Sam. Buck and Gayle jumped to the lead in Underdog Upset with the big Oakland win. Tim is still leading NFL w/ g overall, but Matt is nipping at his heels just one pick back. Billy and Laura are four back from Matt in a tie for third. Gayle is still sitting comfortably in The Cellar. Just three weeks to go! Will anyone catch Tim, or is he going to highstep it the rest of the way?

Week 14

Hey oh! Week 14 is upon us, so let's look at picks. Unanimous: Tenessee (woo!), New England, Kansas City, Denver, and LA Chargers. Solo: Sam with the Jets, Danny with the Buccaneers, Megan with the Colts, Emily with the Falcons, and Gayle with the Raiders. 5 different solo picks! That's gotta be a record. Duplicate: Karen (50) = Laura (48). Thursday repercussions: none! Everyone except Laura and Karen have a shot at a solo win today! Good luck! Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winners - Karen & Matt

I'm late as hell getting this done this week...been busy. Congratulations, Karen & Matt.

Week 13

I'm typing in a hurry with Owen in my lap, so let's quickly look at picks. Unanimous: Saints (oopsy), Colts, Texans, Rams, Packers, Chiefs, Titans, and Seahawks. Solo: Danny with Washington. Duplicate: Billy (38) = Buck (42) = Tim (50). Thursday repercussions: none. Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winners - Billy, Emily, Gayle, Gwen, Laura, Megan, & Tim!

If 7 out of 13 people win, is it really a win? Tim still holds a 2 pick lead over Matt, who is 4 ahead of Billy, Emily, and Laura. Gayle is still in The Cellar, but finally made it to triple digits for total picks. She is now just 3 behind Danny...look out! With this week's tie-fest, now only Danny and Kremer haven't won this year so far. Ha ha! There are no more byes, so these last 5 weeks will all have 16 games. 80 picks left...there's still time to make a move! Tim needs to average 12.4 picks per week to set a new season record. Can he do it? Got a couple people on the board for Underdog Upset. Congratulations everybody except Buck, Danny, Karen, Kremer, Matt, and Sam, I guess.

Week 12

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Vikings Packers tonight! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Saints (woo!), Buccaneers, Patriots, Chargers, Colts, and Vikings. Solo: Matt with Oakland and Sam with Seattle. Duplicate: Billy (41) = Emily (42) = Gwen (52) = Laura (48) = Megan (45) = Tim (50). That might be the most duplicate picks ever! 
Thursday repercussions: Buck and Danny can't win because of Gayle and Kremer can't win because of the six duplicates. Matt and Sam are the only ones that didn't go perfect on Thursday that still have a chance at the outright win. What an exciting week! Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winners - Karen & Matt!

Karen and Matt take the win with just 8 correct picks in a brutal week. Gwen only got 4 right, and none of those four was her Lock of the Week. No matter, though, as Emily, Gayle, and Gwen all got their LOTW picks wrong, but it was just Gwen's first, giving her the championship. Tim had a  rough week, only getting 5 correct. He's going to have to do better than that to challenge Sam's all-time season record of 179. Tim still has the lead, but he's just one ahead of Matt. Emily, Billy, and Laura are all T-3 and 5 behind Matt. Gayle continues her run in The Cellar, but now she's only 5 picks out of second-to-last. And how about Danny picking 100 as his tiebreaker...and being too low?!?! Congratulations, Karen & Matt!

Fun fact: The Kansas City Chiefs made history on Monday night. They became the first ever NFL team to score 50+ points in a game and not win, losing 54-51. Two teams have previously scored 49 points and lost (the Houston Oilers lost to the Oakland Raiders 52-49 in 1963 and the New York Giants lost to the New Orleans Saints 52-49 in 2015), but 50 or more had always been a winning score to this point. This game came in third for the highest point total ever at 105 (the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Cleveland Browns 58-48 (106) in 2004 and the Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants 72-41 (113) in 1966). It was a barn burner to say the least. Much more so than the most one-sided game in NFL history that saw the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0 in 1940.

Week 11

Week 11 is here, so let's look at picks. Unanimous: Panthers, Chargers, and Cardinals. Solo: Buck with Jacksonville and Danny with Philadelphia. Duplicate: Billy (65) = Kremer (46). Emily (75) = Megan (46). Thursday night repercussions: Tim can at best tie Billy, Kremer, and Laura. Skol Vikings!

Week 10 Winner - Buck!

Buck takes it home with 11 picks this week. Tim is now leading by 4 over Matt, who is 3 ahead of Emily in third. Gayle had a good week and is now only 7 picks behind Danny and Sam to retain The Cellar. Emily had her first miss in LOTW, so now just Gwen is unscathed with Emily and Gayle living on the edge. And that's about all I have to say about that. Congratulations, Buck!

Week 10

Week 10 is upon us, so let's look at picks! Unanimous: Saints, Bears, Chiefs, Jets, Chargers, Rams, and Eagles. Solo: Gayle with the Titans and Dolphins, and Emily with the Jaguars. Duplicate: Billy (48) = Gwen (45) = Megan (42) = Tim (50), Kremer (42) = Laura (38), and Danny (21) = Sam (34). Thursday night repercussions: Danny and Sam can't win due to Kremer and Laura. Good luck to the last three in LOTW! Rest Vikings!

Week 10 Winners - Karen, Matt, & Tim!

Well, Tim let a couple others join him with the win this week. I guess the nice thing we have is that Tim got knocked out of LOTW this week, so he can't win that at least. This is a crazy good season for Tim, though, so I looked into it and did a little research. Tim has tied Gwen with highest total after Week 9 when she had 93 correct after Week 9 of the 2013/14 season. She went on to have 172 correct that season and won. The All-time best for total is Sam's 179 in 2011/12, which was a 0.699 pick percentage. Sam had 90 correct picks after Week 9 that season. Tim is on pace to tie Sam's record. Can he be the first to break the 0.700 mark and reach 180? I sure think he can. I mean, he's doing so well right now that it's almost impossible not to break the record. Look...it would take such a massive blunder at this point to not cruise to a record-setting victory that I think we should just write it in right now.

So enough about greatness for the record books, let's look at the other side. In my research I discovered something amazing. Our fearless commissioner, gayle, has NEVER been in first place. Looking back at who as at least had a tie for the lead at some point, only gayle (and Emily, but this is only her second year) has not ever had a share of the overall lead. Now, there are two undocumented seasons (the first year offline (lost in analogue purgatory) and the first year online (deleted with no foresight)), so who knows what happened then. But for our records, this will be the truth: gayle has never been in first place. Oh, but she is killin' it in The Cellar this season...now 9 picks behind second-to-last! Her current average is 0.537 which is just behind the 0.543 pace that I finished the 2009/10 season with, setting the record for fewest correct picks in a season at 139. FYI, I had only 59 correct picks after Week 9 that year compared to gayle's 72 this year...that means I turned it on after Week 9. Can she do it, or will we have two record-setting seasons? Stay tuned!

Congrats, Karen, Matt, & Tim. Still no music. 

Wek 9

Week 9 is here, so let's look at picks! Unanimous: Chicago, Carolina, Miami, Minnesota, and New England. Solo: Gayle with Cleveland. Duplicate: Emily (35) = Laura (52). Thursday night repercussions: Gwen and Sam can at best tie Emily and Laura and Karen can at best tie Matt. Skol Vikings!

Week 8 Winner - Tim!

Again! Jeez...he's got this on lock. Tim is now in first place by 4 picks over Emily, who is 1 ahead of Matt. Gayle just got more comfortable in The Cellar, now five picks behind Karen in twelfth. Nobody took a hit in LOTW, so the game continues. Congratulations, Tim...4 wins in 8 weeks. Wow!

Week 8

Week 8 is here, oh joy, oh joy! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Houston (woo!), Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Cincinnatti, Chicago, Los Angeles Rams, and New England. Yikes! Solo: Tim with Seattle and Gayle with Oakland. Duplicates: Danny (39) = Emily (45) and Karen (45) = Kremer (41) = Laura (59). Sunday morning repercussions: Gayle can at best tie Danny and Emily, and Gwen cannot win because of those two, asswell. Sam can at best tie Danny, Emily, Karen, Kremer and Laura. Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winner - Laura!

Laura takes the solo win this week, only missing on two games. Matt may have nailed his solo pick of Carolina, but he is now eliminated from Lock of the Week because Jacksonville couldn't handle Houston. Five remain and only Emily and Gwen haven't missed yet. Congratulations, Laura!

Week 7

Week 7 is upon us, so let's look at picks! Unanimous: Chargers, Vikings, Chiefs, and Falcons. Solo: Matt with Carolina, and Gayle with San Francisco. Duplicate: Billy (54) = Tim (50). Thursday night repercussions: Emily can't win as she matches Laura, and Matt can at best tie Sam. Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winner - Tim!

And Tim takes it home again! Through 6 weeks, he has won 3 times...two of them solo wins. This is a dominant start for sure. He now has a 3 pick lead over Billy in second who leads Matt by just one. Karen now finds herself in The Cellar. Emily, Gayle, and Gwen are still unscathed in LOTW with Matt, Megan, and Tim hanging in there, too. There were some crazy games this week...it was a good one to have NFL Red Zone for sure! Hope everyone has a great week! Congrats, Tim!

Week 6

Week 6 is here, and it's snowing in the Twin Cities. Let's look at picks! Unanimous: Vikings and Packers. Solo: Buck with Washington and Denver and Karen with Tampa Bay. Duplicates: none! Thursday night repercussions: Kremer can at best tie Laura and Buck got knocked out of LOTW. It's snowing in Denver with a 16 degree windchill and there's a 101 degree heat index in Miami. It's football time! Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winners - Matt, Megan, Sam, & Tim!

A bunch of Andersons take it home this week! Actually, besides Week 3 when Gayle and Emily tied, only Andersons have won so far. This must mean something??? Anyway, Tim still hangs on to first place by one over his sons. Karen and Laura had a rough go, dropping 4 and 5 spots in the rankings, respectively. At least Karen can say she's beating someone...poor Danny all alone in The Cellar still. I laugh at your weakness feel for you. Another one bites the dust in LOTW with the Titans failing to come through for Sam. Emily, Gayle, and Gwen remain unscathed with Buck, Matt, Megan, and Tim living on a prayer. There may just be time for round 2 of LOTW this year at this pace.

Congratulations, Matt, Megan, Sam, and Tim! We're so proud of you.

Week 5

Can you believe it's already Week 5? Yep...pretty easy to believe. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Patriots (woo!) and Panthers. Wow, only 2! Interesting! Solo: Emily with Miami and Gayle with Seattle. Duplicate: none! Thursday night repercussions: none, but Gayle picked New England as LOTW, so she's already safe this week. What a fun week ahead! Skol Vikings!

Week 4 Winner - Matt!

Matt rings the bell with 11 picks this week. It was a rough one for Tim with only 7 correct, but he still holds on to first place by one over 6 of us. Only 5 picks separate Tim from first and Danny in The Cellar. Karen is the newest LOTW victim with the Eagles loss. Only Emily, Gayle, and Gwen are unscathed, with the five others all livin' on a prayer. That's all for this week! Congratulations, Matt!

Week 4

Week 4 is here, let's look at picks. Unanimous: Jaguars, Patriots, Eagles, and Chargers. Solo: Gayle with Houston and Buffalo. Duplicate: none! Thursday night repercussions: Billy can at best tie Megan and Sam, Danny can at best tie Karen, and Tim can at best tie Kremer. Here's to a fun week! 

Week 3 Winners - Emily & Gayle!

Emily and the Commish take the week. I have been super busy, so just the picks were ready. Sorry...life is a little different right now... 

Week 3

Gwen, get better...this pnemonia shit is getting annoying and we're all looking forward to brunch next week. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Philadelphia, Minnesota, and Kansas City. Solo: Danny with the Giants, Gayle with the Texans and Lions, and Matt with the Chargers. Duplicate: none! Thursday Night Repercussions: Buck can't win as he picked the Jets and matches BK the rest of the way. Danny can at best tie Megan. Skol Vikings!

Week 2 Winner - Tim!

Savage Southpaw takes home his first victory of the year, aided by a solo pick of the Buccaneers. After that tie, I'm at a loss for words. Good work, Tim! Welcome to first place.

Song: It's Hard to be Humble by Mac Davis

Week 2

Week 2 is here, and it's Vikings v Packers round 1. Let's look at picks: Unanimous: Falcons, Redskins, and Saints. Solo: Tim with Tampa Bay, Buck with Green Bay, and Gayle with Miami, Detroit, and Oakland (holy shit she's making her play for The Cellar, guys!) But if she goes perfect today and tomorrow, she'll have 15/16 right and second place would only have 11 hahaha. Duplicates: none! Thursday night repercussions: Emily can't win as she picked Baltimore and matches BK from there. Karen can't win as she picked Baltimore and matches Matt from there. Gwen can at best tie Megan and Laura can at best tie Matt. Skol Vikings!

Week 1 Winner - Sam!

Mr. Emoticon starts the year off right with a win! Only Sam, Laura, and BK managed double digit correct this week and Megan and Danny get to be the first occupants of The Cellar. New Orleans delivered some bad news to BK, Danny, and Kremer, putting them a single elimination away in LOTW. I don't have a lot else for the first week. Apologies for slow updates...I will get better.

Song: Superstition by Stevie Wonder

Week 1

Welcome back, everybody! Ok, enough of the niceties...let's look at picks. Unanimous: Baltimore, New Orleans, New England, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and Detroit. Solo: Sam with the Chiefs. Duplicate: Emily (42) = Karen (45) (but they can at best tie BK). Laura can at best tie Billy and Tim can at best tie Sam.

Sorry the music isn't working on Chrome...not sure what's up with that. It works on Firefox. Oh, well for now. Skol Vikings!